Top 3 Assault Rifles in Counter Strike

Below you find the top 3 assault rifles in Counter Strike.



FAMAS is a cheap option, but still very effective. It’s better than most SMG’s, but cheaper than other Assault Rifles.

The gun is exclusive for the Counter Terrorists.

2 – AK-47


Who doesn’t know this gun ? One of the world’s well know gun is also one of the best guns available in Counter Strike. It’s an exclusive gun for Terrorists. The gun is very powerful and reliable, an also 600$ cheaper than the M4.

1 – M4A4


The first place goes to M4A4, a Counter Terrorist exclusive assault rifle. Yes, it’s less powerful than AK – 47, but it’s much more accurate which makes up for it. It wasn’t an easy choice to make, and some people will disagree with me, but after thinking and comparing a lot of things, I came to the conclusion that M4 is the best assault rifle in Counter Strike.

The M4A4 in action:

Source: Gun Mann

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Wolfenstein Gameplay

Infographic on the History of First Person Shooter Games

 An amazing infographic about first person shooter (FPS) game history. It’s extremely interesting to see how the games have evolved from 1992 to 2011. You can see alot of interesting data about the games like how many units have been sold or how violent the game is. For example – Wolfenstein 3D, which is a 1992 game, has sold over 1 million units, which isn’t that bad for a game made that early, when computers weren’t as common as they are today, and even if people had them, they were rarely used for computer games. It’s also the first FPS game ever made, and it’s called “The Granddaddy of the FPS”, because it basically inspired all the shooter games we know today. It was made by ID Software, which also made Doom (1993), because of the success of Wolfenstein 3D. The most sold game on this list is Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare (2007), with over 16 million copies sold, which is available on PC,Xbox and PlayStation. Call of Duty is a one of the biggest gaming franchises known nowadays. The infographic also have other cool games such as – Half Life, Halo, Medal of Honor and Unreal Tournament which inspired the online multiplayer gameplay we know today. There are a lot of other interesting data and description about the games, so make sure to read through it.
The History Of The First Person Shooter

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